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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bday Photos

We had quite the party. About 30 people and two small cakes! Do I look any older?

Here's a crowd shot from the party. I suffed myself with veggie food.

Ryan from Sonrisa was in town for only about 7 days, but he somehow he magically managed to show up just in time for the party.

Sloth Photo

At this cool place called Saiananda they have two sloths which roam the property and are used to being around people. They would rather hide in a kitchen cupboard than up in the tall trees. It's fun to watch them creep around and feed them snacks. This is the male sloth wallowing in a tasty pile of lettuce.

Here's Hopper, Desidarata's dog, facinated by the sloth's creepy crawling movements.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bday & Caraquez

Yesterday we had a great party for my Birthday and I managed to milk it for what it was worth. Everyone brought a vegetarian or vegan dish and we tried to stretch 2 cakes to feed 30 people!

Caraquez is an interesting place with places to hike and great people. Some friends let us borrow their bicycles and we’ve finally been getting some regular exercise. The veggie market here is pretty amazing. They have really good quality stuff and it’s hard to shop for a week and break $10.

Here's a shot of our friend Ryan and his crew on Sonrisa coming into the narrow entrance channel that is close to the breaking surf. We took this photo from the beach.